No Start Specialists

No Start Specialist

The most common issues associated with a no start are lack of either fuel or spark. This can be due to:

  • No crank- the starter motor does not turn over the engine.
  • No start- the starter motor turns over the engine but does not start.

Engine Cranking Problems

There are several possible causes for engine cranking problems. The simple way to diagnose the issue is to first check the starter circuit, which focuses on your battery cable connection.

Or the starter may be bad. If your starter clicks but nothing happens you may not have enough amps to spin the starter. If your starter is weak and can’t crank the engine fast enough to build compression, the engine will not start.


No Start Problems

If your engine turns over but does not start, battery issues most commonly cause this problem. For the starter to turn over your battery will need at least 10 volts to power a start. During temperature changes your car battery may have experienced electrical shock, leading to battery replacement.