Phoenix Mobile Mechanic Saving Drivers From a Ruined Road Trip

Phoenix Mobile Mechanic Saving Drivers From a Ruined Road Trip

Phoenix Mobile Mechanic Saving Drivers From a Ruined Road Trip - Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC

In Arizona, there are over 4.7 millions drivers on the road, so being well prepared for your road trip is essential to staying safe on the road. Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC, mobile mechanic Phoenix, is helping Arizona drivers arrive to their destination without any unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

“Just as the human body needs fluids to stay hydrated during this desert heat, your automobile fluids need to be checked and topped off for optimal performance”, says owner Fred Beasley. These fluids include engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

A routine check on the belts and hoses will go a long way in ensuring no breakdowns along the weekend trip. Most importantly, you’ll want to inspect your tires to make sure they are free of visible wires. After you’ve inflated your tires to your car’s recommended pressure, inspect for any signs of unusual wear on the tire. A spare tire is always helpful to keep in the car for emergency situations.

Avoiding Extra Costs

In 2014, the federal government spent a total of $1,618,285 on Automobile Towing & Road Service. In order to keep money in your pocket by avoiding a tow truck, keep an emergency car kit stowed. This can include jumper cables, multipurpose tools, a flashlight, foaming tire sealant, and duct tape to name a few essentials. What’s more, an annual membership for auto services such as AAA may be a wise option to consider for older or untrustworthy vehicles.

AAA stated earlier in the week that the gas prices this weekend have dropped as low as we’ve seen since the holiday weekend of 2004. We are continuing to see gas prices decrease even further in the following days. With drivers on the road, everyone can be excited about the possibility for additional gas savings.

Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC owner Fred Beasley has dedicated his career to offering auto owners an easier way to find great mechanics, service and affordable repairs. As a marine veteran, Fred has always had a commitment to serve others.

If you’ve found troubling signs that you’re in need of auto repair, call Fred at Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC for mobile auto repair Phoenix service that conveniently comes right to you.