Mobile Auto Repair Preventative Maintenance


What does it take to keep your car happy? To get the most from your auto and to save from future service or mobile auto repair, there are a few steps in preventative maintenance. These include the basics like changing your oil and scheduling regular maintenance check-ups. This gives the expert auto mechanics a chance to catch any issues, before they turn into serious engine problems. Review this list of preventative measures to ensure your car is properly maintained to last for the long haul.

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Types of Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the biggest ways you can save money on car repairs over the life of your car. Spending the time and money to maintenance the basics can keep your car on the road for much longer. But what are these preventative maintenances? This may include:

  • Oil change- without a well lubricated engine, parts wear and tear faster
  • Fluid levels- antifreeze, power steering, coolant, wiper and transmission fluids
  • Engine and air filters- how often you drive determines how ofter this should be replaced
  • Tire rotation- this also includes alignment
  • Spark plugs- leads to higher MPG and breakdown within the engine compartments

What happens if I do not change my oil and air filter?

Did you know that a routine oil change and replacement of your air filter is the best thing to preserve your engine? Without these basic engine fundamentals, your engine won’t last as long as it should. But like many, day to day life can interfere with routine maintenance. Mobile auto repair in Phoenix is a time saving alternative. Technicians can be to your work or home within 30 minutes to maintenance your vehicle to prevent major expensive repairs down the road.