3 Steps To Preventing Overheating

During the hot summer months of Phoenix heat the last thing you need during 5:00PM traffic is an overheating car. This is something easily prevented and there are many steps in ensuring your overheating engine doesn’t lead to bigger engine issues. Here are 3 steps to preventing your car from overheating this summer.

  1. Since Phoenix, Arizona gets especially hot during a long duration of the year, it is important to keep water in your car, and also antifreeze (coolant). In most cases, the engine will be overheating due to a lack of coolant. Topping off the coolant could solve the issue. If you do not have coolant handy in the car, water will fix the issue long enough to get more coolant into the engine.
  2. Not using your air conditioning in the Arizona heat seems impossible. But as your engine starts to overheat it is critical to stop the AC, since it puts a lot of strain on your engine.
  3. If the temperature gauge continues to rise into the red, crank your heater full blast. This transfers the heat from the engine, cooling it down.

What to do if your stuck in traffic

Being in traffic when your car begins to overheat can make the situation that much more stressful. What do you do if you stuck in traffic?

  • If you’re stopped in traffic, encourage water and air flow through the radiator by revving the engine in neutral or park to help to cool the engine.
  • If you’re in stop-and-go traffic, try to steadily cruise through traffic instead of braking and accelerating. Because of the friction braking causes, it may continue the overheating process.

If you are stuck in traffic without the necessary items to get your car back on the road, contact Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC for mobile auto service in Phoenix Arizona help within 30 minutes.

If your temperature gauge is in the red

Whether your car is newer or older, overheating the engine can be a clue of something going on within the engine that may need attention.  If you’ve noticed your engine getting hot continually, contact Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC in the Arizona valley.