5 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Mechanics

5 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Mechanics

Sometimes mobile mechanics, or even mechanics in general, get a bad reputation. Arizona Mobile Mechanics like the Discount Automotive team are committed to providing you with the quality preventative and emergency mechanical repairs you require. With over 30 years’ experience, we are the mobile mechanics that Phoenix residents can trust. Below are the top 5 misconceptions we aim to dispel.

Arizona Mobile Mechanics

#1 That Mechanics Can’t Be Trusted

Don’t allow the actions of a dishonest few to tarnish your opinion of all mechanics. When you turn to Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC, you can rest assured that you will receive an honest and competitive quote—as well as quality parts and repairs.


#2 That You Have To Take Time Off Of Work To Get Your Car Repaired

Mobile car repair is a growing trend, both in Phoenix and around the nation. Whether you are just passing through to visit family and friends, or if you live in the area—we can come directly to you. We dispatch our mobile services within 30 minutes, and for your convenience, we can meet you at home, work, or most other places that your car breaks down.


#3 That Mobile Mechanics Are More Expensive

If your car won’t start, having us come to you eliminates the cost of having your car towed. However, many of our clients have us provide scheduled maintenance and repairs on cars that are still up and running—because we are simply a more convenient repair solution.

Regardless of your mechanical needs, you will find that our prices are highly competitive. Our goal is always to provide discount car repairs in Arizona.  


#4 That The Dealer Provides Higher Quality Repairs

Think of heading to your car dealer, as you would the difference between buying brand name peanuts and off-brand peanuts. Either way, you are still getting plain old peanuts!

While the dealer may try to convince you that their parts and repairs are superior, the tools, technology, and quality of work are identical. The only difference is that you are paying a handsome sum for the brand name parts and repairs.


#5 That Only General Maintenance Can Be Performed By Phoenix Mobile Mechanics

You are sure to be surprised at the extent of repair services our Phoenix mobile mechanics can provide. When you give us a call, we will talk you through what the problem is, and will provide you with a preliminary price quote. Even if your car won’t start, the odds are we can repair it. Even your preventative maintenance can be performed by our mobile team!


The next time your car breaks down in the Phoenix area, give the mobile mechanics at Arizona Mobile Mechanics LLC a call!